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Everyone is on the lookout for the next best trend, and it’s no different when it comes to nail art and design. Nail technicians and artists have become incredibly more skilled and creative over the years.

The variety of nail products and colors has opened the door to endless possibilities. Chances are that your perfect design is out there. You just have to find it!

Here are Cosmo’s nine best places to find inspiration for your next nail design.

1. Pinterest

We might as well cover the most obvious and popular item first. You’re sure to have heard of this trendy social media website. Because Pinterest is driven entirely by visuals, it has become a go-to spot for trending fashion and culture.

A quick search of “nail designs” on Pinterest reveals thousands and thousands of original, unique nail ideas. You can search by color tone, different styles, or even nails with animals!

You can follow individual pinboards or comb through countless cute nail designs from all over the world. The bottom line: there’s nowhere else on the internet that has more accessible nail designs.

2. Kiara Sky Professional Nails

Kiara Sky is a California-based company that sells nail products throughout the world. From nail polish and dip powder to PediPacks, Kiara Sky allows you to build your kit so you can have your own nail salon.

In addition to its products, Kiara Sky showcases eye-catching nail art on their Instagram page. With over 2,000 posts and 914,000 followers, they have turned into one of the world’s fastest-growing nail brands.

3. Cosmopolitan Magazine

This international fashion and entertainment magazine is constantly publishing new lists of nail design ideas. Some recent examples of posts include:

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29 Wedding Nail Designs to Consider Before Getting Hitched

You can view all of Cosmopolitan’s nail design articles on a filtered view of the website. You will find a few oddball topics regarding nails, but Cosmopolitan is full of inspiration for nail art.

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